EX: Holon Phantoms - Theme Deck (FireMist)

EX: Holon Phantoms - Theme Deck (FireMist)

EX: Holon Phantoms - Theme Deck (FireMist)

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Set: EX: Holon Phantoms Sealed
Release Date: 2006-05-03
Where Shadows Fall, Phantoms Dwell!

What mysteries await the bold Trainer who ventures into the unknown lands beyond the labs of Holon? In EX Holon Phantoms, there's only one way to find out—step into the shadows! With more mysterious Pokémon Delta Species to discover, EX Holon Phantoms dares you to find what you've never seen before. You might think there's no such thing as phantoms...until you catch one!

Burn through your opponent's defenses with the FireMist theme deck. Your Fighting Pokémon will pound your opponent's Bench while Latias uses its mighty Super Singe attack to lead your Fire Pokémon to sure-fire victory!

In this box you'll find:

• 60 Pokémon card deck (including a specially selected holographic foil card)
• 1 Pokémon Coin
• 1 Rulerbook / Card List
• 1-Player playmat
• Damage counters

Coin may vary by product.

Deck List:

Pokémon (27)
• 1 Latias δ
• 4 Torchic
• 2 Combusken
• 1 Blaziken
• 4 Barboach
• 2 Whiscash
• 4 Mankey δ
• 2 Primeape δ
• 4 Exeggcute δ
• 2 Phanpy
• 1 Nosepass

Energy (24)
• 13 Fire Energy
• 11 Fighting Energy

Trainer Card (9)
• 2 Holon Adventurer
• 2 Great Ball
• 2 Energy Search
• 2 Potion
• 1 Holon Lake