Base Set 2 - Theme Deck (Psych Out)

Base Set 2 - Theme Deck (Psych Out)

Base Set 2 - Theme Deck (Psych Out)

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Set: Base Set 2 Sealed
Release Date: 2000-02-24
Challenge your friends with a new Base Set 2 preconstructed theme deck! This deck contains a combination of cards from the original Base Set and the Jungle expansion.

This "Psych Out" deck combines Psychic and Water attacks to give other Pokémon Trainers a sinking feeling!

In this box you'll find:
• 60 cards
• 1 Pokémon coin
• damage counters
• 1 rulebook
• 1 cardlist

Coin may vary by product.

Deck List:

• Abra 3x
• Kadabra 1x
• Drowzee 2x
• Jynx 2x
• Squirtle 4x
• Wartortle 1x
• Seel 1x
• Staryu 3x
• Starmie 1x
• Jigglypuff 3x
• Wigglytuff 1x
• Computer Search 1x
• Defender 2x
• Gust of Wind 3x
• Potion 1x
• Super Potion 1x
• Switch 2x
• Psychic Energy 13x
• Water Energy 15x